Tryouts are conducted during the first week of school. There is no swimming on the first day of school. Coaches will cover introductions, team expectations, and team policies. The actual swimming tryout will take place on Thursday and Friday (8/13-14/2020).

Students are expected to participate in both days of the tryout. Swimmers will be evaluated on speed (series of timed swims), aerobic endurance (test sets), and strength of stroke (stroke & turn technique) throughout the tryout. Each swimmer will be scored on their performances and efforts throughout the tryout and then Varsity and Junior Varsity Teams will be determined. Teams will be posted no later than 10:00 am on Saturday - August 15th. There will be approximately 30 roster openings for Varsity and 30 roster openings for Junior Varsity.

Students MUST complete all required PISD Athletic Department Pre-participation Forms found under “Forms” on the team website PRIOR to the first day of school. Forms can be found online here: ​
On the first day of school, students must bring:
● A hard copy of your current Physical AND Medical History.
● A hard copy of top swimming times for this calendar year (2020).

Oak Point Recreation Center (click for map)
6000 Jupiter Rd
Plano, TX 75074

Contact Coach Harrington if you have any questions.


Team Information

The Swimming Team practices at Oak Point Recreation Center. Swimmers that qualify for the Varsity Team will enroll in first period swimming and swimmers that qualify for the Junior Varsity Team will enroll in seventh period swimming. Swimming is a Winter sport and students are expected to be enrolled in swimming during both the Fall and Spring Semesters.

Varsity practices begin at 7:00 am and end at 8:30 am M-F. A shuttle bus will transport 1 st period swimmers from Oak Point to Plano East, Williams, and McMillen at 9:00 am. Swimmers are responsible for their transportation TO the pool each morning.

JV practices are held during 7 th period. Swimmers are transported from Plano East, Williams, and McMillen via athletic shuttle bus to Oak Point Center at the conclusion of 6 th period M-F. JV practices end at 4:45 pm. Swimmers are responsible for their transportation HOME from Oak Point Center each afternoon.

Plano East Swimming is a COMPETITIVE ATHLETIC TEAM. Being a member of the PESH Swimming Team will require daily attendance and will include practice and competition times outside of the regular school day.