If you have not already, please take one minute to join Remind (scroll down for the link). This will be my PRIMARY form of communication with the team and parents throughout the season.

Read below for some important notes about using Remind:

  • There are separate "Parent" and "Swimmer" groups. Please only join the appropriate group. Remind recently put limits on the number of class members, thus my decision to separate Parents from Students.
  • If I cannot decipher your name on Remind, you will be removed from the group. Please do not use an alias, screen name, or nickname. This is for the safety of our students.
  • If you choose to create a profile on Remind, your photo must be of yourself and not someone else. It is your responsibility to sign-up for communication from the coaches.

Coach Harrington's 19-20 PESH Swimmers @g3fdkd

Coach Harrington's 19-20 PESH Parents @84hcgf

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